• A view of the South and North abutments of the South Fork Dam.  The Visitor Center, Unger House, and Spring House are visible in the background.  As is visible, a spur railroad line connects coal trains with the main line of the railroad.

    Johnstown Flood

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

For Kids

The story of the Johnstown Flood is certainly one that affects kids too. Instead of concentrating on the damage done, think of all the ways the community came together to help each other recover.

The Junior Ranger program at Johnstown Flood is divided by age. If you click on the link for your age you will get a PDF of the Junior Ranger book. You can also get a free copy of the book in person at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial visitor center!

Ages 5 to 8 have activities such as connect the dots, scavenger hunt bingo, picture fun, fact hunts, map games, and mazes to complete.

Ages 8 to 10 do Morse Code, fact checking, a South Fork maze, and other interesting games.

Ages 11 to 13 can learn more about the National Park Service and its mission. Games and puzzles discuss jobs, exhibit design, and other National Park areas as well as the Johnstown Flood.

Did You Know?

Clara Barton

The Flood provided the newly formed American Red Cross under the leadership of Clara Barton with its first test. Barton and her staff of 50 doctors and nurses arrived in Johnstown five days after the flood.