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Things To Know Before You Come

Open Seasonally
The site is CLOSED for the winter season and will reopen May 22, 2014. During the winter, guided tours are offered by appointment only Monday through Friday. Please make your reservation request at least two weeks in advance by clicking here or calling the site at 617-566-7937.

Our Neighborhood
The John F. Kennedy National Historic Site is located in a residential neighborhood: there are no other public restrooms or vendors located in the immediate vicinity. A restroom is located in the basement of the home in the visitor center. Parking is limited: no vehicle may idle while parked in the residential area and parking is limited to two hours. The site is also easily accessible by public transit; click here for detailed directions by car or transit.

Use of stairs is necessary to access the basement Visitor Center and first and second floor rooms of the historic house. No wheelchair access is available to visitors at this time. Visitors with accessibility needs are encouraged to call the site at 617-566-7937 in advance of their visit to discuss how their needs may be accommodated.

Got questions?
Our list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. Have a question that's not on the list? Call the site at 617-566-7937 or email us!

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Did You Know?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a young boy.

According to his mother, Jack Kennedy was the “problem child”, forgetful and “invariably late” for meals. Sloppy at home & lazy at school, Jack overcame his problems with spelling & grammar to win the 1957 Pulitzer Prize with his “Profiles in Courage” and the presidential election 3 years later.