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Outdoor Activities

**We will offer two walking tours in April! Join us April 23 and April 25 at 2:15 pm for "Growing up Kennedy." House tours will be available at either 1:30pm or 3:00pm both days. Reservations recommended; please call 617-566-7937 to reserve your spot.**

Neighborhood Tours

Neighborhood tours are offered during the summer season, May-October 2014. See below for program descriptions; program offered is dependent on staff availability. Please check these pages in April for the 2014 schedule.


Growing up Kennedy

What was it like to grow up as a Kennedy in Brookline? On this one-mile walk through John F. Kennedy's boyhood neighborhood, we'll begin at his birthplace, 83 Beals Street and walk through the neighborhood to the second home the family moved to in 1920. On the way, we'll learn about the early years of the Kennedy family, including JFK's competitions with his older brother, parental expectations, childhood pranks and more!

Movin' Up with the Kennedys: Challenge and Triumph

In 1920, the Kennedys left 83 Beals Street to move to a more spacious and comfortable home just a few blocks away. This move was made possible by Joseph Kennedy Sr.'s successes in banking, the stock market, and the motion picture industry. But the success of the family, and their father's frequent absences, also created new expectations and new challenges for their children. How did this change effect the Kennedy children? How did Jack respond to new schools and new challenges? What was his relationship with his siblings? We will answer these and other questions as we explore the neighborhood where Jack spent the first 10 years of his life.

A park ranger talks about the Kennedy's second home in Brookline. The second home is the large, Victorian, blue house with a big porch behind the ranger.

Did You Know?

Coffee with the Kennedys

For Jack Kennedy, politics ran in the family! Grandson of state Senator P.J. Kennedy & Boston Mayor John Fitzgerald, son of U.S. Ambassador Joe Kennedy, & brother of Senators Robert and Ted Kennedy and Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, Jack had plenty of company in the family’s lively dinner debates.