• Dining Room

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

Photos & Multimedia

Our Photos and Multimedia section of our website features a virtual tour of the house and a photo gallery of events and education programs. You are invited to step back into 1917 via a virtual tour that includes historic photos, recent photos of the interior of the house, and a recorded audio tour by Mrs. Rose Kennedy. We hope the images in the photo gallery convey a sense of the range of activities that take place at the John F. Kennedy NHS.

A collage of photos from our different photo albums
Scenes from past events and ongoing education programs
Courtesy of the National Park Service/John F. Kennedy NHS

Did You Know?

Coffee with the Kennedys

For Jack Kennedy, politics ran in the family! Grandson of state Senator P.J. Kennedy & Boston Mayor John Fitzgerald, son of U.S. Ambassador Joe Kennedy, & brother of Senators Robert and Ted Kennedy and Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, Jack had plenty of company in the family’s lively dinner debates.