• Dining Room

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

Object of the Month

A pair of engraved silver napkin rings given to Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy as wedding gifts.

On October 7, 1914 after a seven year courtship Rose E. Fitzgerald and Joseph P. Kennedy were married in Boston in a small ceremony at the residence of Cardinal O'Connell. After the wedding they went on a two week honeymoon during which they stayed at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, which would later gain renown as a favorite vacation place of U.S. Presidents until the mid twentieth century. They returned to Massachusetts and took up residence in their Brookline home on Beals Street, which had been purchased by the Kennedys prior to their wedding.

Many of the items used to furnish the Kennedy house were wedding gifts, among them the two silver napkin rings pictured above. The napkin rings, now displayed on the dining room table, are located in the appropriate place settings where Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy sat for dinner. The napkin rings are of silver and have tooled decoration consisting of hatching, floral elements, and the names "Joe" and "Rose" engraved in a large medallion


Did You Know?

Photo from the dedication ceremony

In 1914, Joe and Rose Kennedy married and moved to 83 Beals Street where they spent six years and had four of nine children. In 1969, Rose Kennedy donated the house to the National Park Service as “a gift…to the American people.” Since then, more than 500,000 visitors have toured this modest home.