• Dining Room

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    National Historic Site Massachusetts


The museum collection at John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site is the primary resource contributing to the site's significance as a memorial. The objects constitute an assemblage specifically created for the birthplace by Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy with the intent that they be seen by the public. As part of the 1966-1969 restoration effort, a collection of household furnishings, photographs and significant mementos were personally collected and arranged in the principal rooms of the home by Mrs. Kennedy and her consultant, Jordan Marsh interior decorator Robert Luddington. Many pieces in the collection are original to the family's tenure in the house; others are Kennedy family pieces, appropriate antiques, or period reproductions selected for interpretive value. After restoration and refurnishing were completed, Mrs. Kennedy donated the house and its contents to the National Park Service.

Did You Know?

John F. Kennedy's childhood adventure books.

As a child, Jack was sick a lot. He escaped his sick-bed by reading adventure books. Through reading, he developed a vivid imagination that he drew on as president to create the Peace Corps, launch the space race, & mold a sweeping Civil Rights Bill. As president, how would you use YOUR imagination?