• Dining Room

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

Be A Junior Ranger

A ranger and child participating in the Junior Ranger Program

To become a Junior Ranger and earn a John F. Kennedy National Historic Site Junior Ranger badge, you need to do four things:

1. Stop at the park Visitor Center and pick up a Junior Ranger booklet, clipboard, and pencil. Ask for the yellow-star booklet if you are 5-8 years old, and the red-star booklet if you are 9-12 years old.

2. Take a tour of the presidential birthplace with a Park Ranger to find the answers to questions and puzzles in your booklet.

3. Review your completed booklet and share your discoveries with a Park Ranger.

4. Take the Junior Ranger pledge!

Everyone who does these FOUR things earns an official Junior Ranger Certificate and John F. Kennedy National Historic Site Junior Ranger badge. This program is FREE, FUN and open to EVERYONE!

Did You Know?

Photo from the dedication ceremony

In 1914, Joe and Rose Kennedy married and moved to 83 Beals Street where they spent six years and had four of nine children. In 1969, Rose Kennedy donated the house to the National Park Service as “a gift…to the American people.” Since then, more than 500,000 visitors have toured this modest home.