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    John Day Fossil Beds

    National Monument Oregon

Food and Fuel


Picnic areas are available at all three units for those who bring their own food. There are no food concessions or vending machines within the monument, but most of the surrounding communities have at least one small cafe and convenience store. Hours and days of operation vary seasonally.

Grant County

Prineville / Crook County

Wheeler County (restaurants can be found within the business listings for each community)


Oregon is a full-service only state, meaning that you are not permitted to pump your own fuel. Due to this requirement, it can be difficult to impossible to buy fuel after 6pm or before 8am in the communities surrounding the monument. Fill up with gasoline before leaving major roads or communities if you will be traveling late.

There is a fleet (business-use only) fuel station in Mitchell. There is also a retail pump at that site and it is open intermittently. Otherwise, the only fuel available during the day on Highway 26 near the monument is at Prineville, Dayville, Mt. Vernon, and John Day, so plan your gas stops carefully.

Did You Know?

Image of the lab viewing window inside the paleontology center.

The Thomas Condon Paleontology Center has a viewing window into the fossil laboratory, where the monument's paleontologists can often be seen at work.