Field Trips

The Jimmy Carter National Historic Site includes the Plains High School Museum, the Plains Depot, and the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm providing the perfect indoor and outdoor classrooms for field trip studies. Teachers have several options available for bringing students to visit the park. We can assist you in arranging guided day programs or self-guided tours.

Please use the following information to schedule and and all field trips to the park. Please use the field trip link for scheduling. For any additional information, please contact:

Annette Wise 229-824-5843 or e-mail her at


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  • Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

    Peanuts, Pumpkins and a President

    You are invited to participate in a special fall program for Pre-Kindergarten classes.

    Field Trip Program
    Grade level:
    Agriculture, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Community, Family Life, History, U.S. Presidents