• Image of swamp, bayou, and marsh

    Jean Lafitte

    National Historical Park and Preserve Louisiana

Barataria Preserve Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Louisiana's wild wetlands. Call the Barataria Preserve audio tour line at 504-799-0802 to find out about the picture at each stop. Press 1 to hear Stop 1, 2 to hear Stop 2, etc. You can press *0 if you'd like to leave a comment.

Enjoy your walk!


Did You Know?

Young opossum riding their mother's back.

The opossum is North America's only native marsupial! The female will carry young in her pouch for 2-3 months and then on her back another 1-2 months. A female will usually have 7-8 babies, and each one latches onto one of 13 teats in her pouch.