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    Jean Lafitte

    National Historical Park and Preserve Louisiana

National Park Week

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NPS: Sarah Evans

National Park Week is Saturday, April 19, through Sunday, April 27. This year's theme is Go Wild! At Jean Lafitte, we Go Wild for history, for nature, for local culture. Celebrate YOUR national parks with a visit to Jean Lafitte---real or virtual.

You can

  • check out the National Park Week website: watch the "Go Wild" video, upload your own photos and videos, and find out how to support your national parks!
  • visit Jean Lafitte (information on Jean Lafitte's six sites and what they offer is here). You can take a walking tour, listen to Cajun music, cruise a bayou, return to 1815, explore the wetlands, or enjoy a folklife demonstration...just visit the park's schedule of events and search for events on the dates you plan to visit---there's something to do at Jean Lafitte all year round.
  • join Jean Lafitte's crew on Facebook or Twitter.

Did You Know?

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