Saint Louis History

St. Louis: The Early Years (1764-1850)
The establishment of St. Louis by Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau in 1764 and the French culture of St. Louis are depicted in this room. The interior of a French colonial house and a recreation of a portion of the St. Louis levee are features used to capture the mood of a small but growing river town based on the fur trade.

St. Louis: Becoming a City (1850-1900)
The ornate furnishings of a typical Victorian parlor, a drayman's wagon, and cast iron stoves herald St. Louis as a growing metropolitan city and as a center of commerce and manufacturing.

St. Louis: Entering the 20th Century (1900-1930)
The 1904 World's Fair celebrated the city's rise to national prominence. A 1904 St. Louis Motor Carriage automobile, scenes and souvenirs of the Fair, and photos of Charles A. Lindbergh and his plane, the "Spirit of St. Louis" spotlight the city's contributions to early 20th century culture and technology.

St. Louis Revisited (1930-Present)
The growth of the city of St. Louis is summarized and reflected in the changing architecture of the city. A reconstructed corner of the 1818 Manuel Lisa fur warehouse (the old Rock House), photographs, and cast iron architectural fragments from 19th century buildings outline this development.

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