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    National Expansion Memorial Missouri

Gateway Arch

All visitors must pass through a secure checkpoint into the Visitor Center. Please allow extra time for this check.

Welcome to the Gateway Arch
Visitors to the Gateway Arch may purchase tickets one of three ways:
1. online click here
2. or by phone at 1.877.982.1410 (Monday-
Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST)
3. at the Gateway Arch on the day of your

Listed below are the prices for trams, riverboat cruises, giant-screen movies, and "Monument to the Dream" documentary:


(16 & up)


National Park Passport











$8.00 *


Tram & Movie:




Tram & Riverboat:




* Riverboat Dinner Cruises will charge the Adult rate for ages 13 and up, due to the higher expense attributed to the upgraded meal.

Tickets: Because of the demand for seats on tram cars to the top of the Arch, and to avoid long lines and the possibility of tickets selling out completely on a given day, visitors should consider ordering tickets on line, click here. Ticket prices are subject to change.

Note: Each adult ticket includes a $3 National Park entrance fee. Entrance fees are used for the operation of National Parks. As a Fee Demonstration Area authorized by Congress, 80% of all the entrance and user fees collected at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial are retained in the park. The remaining 20% of funds are made available for use by all other National Parks. The funds are used for maintenance and the preservation of historic and natural resources, as well as for improving visitor services.

A $3 processing fee is charged for each online transaction. Advanced individual tickets are sold on-line only and must be purchased by 11:00 p.m. the night before your scheduled visit. Lines may become long throughout the day, so it is recommended that visitors come early to increase their chance of purchasing a tram ticket. Groups of 20 or more may call in advance for reservations.

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