• Looking up at the Gateway Arch


    National Expansion Memorial Missouri

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  • Pedestrian Access to the Gateway Arch From Downtown

    Pedestrian traffic on the Chestnut bridge will be closed as of today Monday, March 31, 2014. This will leave the Pine St. bridge as the Arch grounds point of entry to and from the city. The new Walnut St. bridge will open next Friday to foot traffic.

Event Details

  • Multiple Days: 02/02/2013, 02/03/2013, 02/09/2013, 02/10/2013, 02/16/2013, 02/17/2013, 02/23/2013, 02/24/2013

    Location: Old Courthouse and Arch Time: 11:00 AM,3:00 PM,11:15 AM,3:15 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Tony Gilpin Contact Phone Number: 314-655-1724

Program Schedule
Old Courhouse
Dred Scott Trial: 11:00a.m  and 3:00p.m.

Museum of Westward Expansion (Gateway Arch)
Blacks in the West: 1:15 and 3:15p.m.

Please Note: A minimum of six visitor participants are required or a
ranger-led discussion session will take place.