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  • Pedestrian Access to the Gateway Arch From Downtown

    Pedestrian traffic on the Chestnut, Market St. and Pine St. bridges are closed. This leaves Walnut St. as the only point of entry to the Arch grounds from the city. If you park in the Arch garage there is access from the north end of the park. See maps. More »


Directions and current road closures due to CityArchRiver 2015 construction.
Map for Getting Around Arch Grounds During Construction
Bus and Motorcoach Drop-Off for Gateway Arch Riverboats
Bus and Motorcoach Drop-Off for Gateway Arch
Map to Gateway Arch Parking Garage

Walking to the Arch from Downtown
With the construction for the park over the highway project, there are some detours getting to and from the Gateway Arch grounds. Most of the sidewalk running along Memorial drive in front of the Arch will be closed to pedestrian traffic due to the construction.

Pedestrians making their way to the Arch from downtown can cross over the highway at Chestnut Street and take the sidewalk directly to the north leg. The south entrance to the Arch is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all home Cardinal games. All other days the north leg of the Arch will be the only entrance into the Visitor Center.

From the North End of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
The other two primary entrances onto the Gateway Arch grounds during construction are at the corner of Washington Avenue and Memorial Drive, as well as from the Arch Parking Garage located at 200 Washington Avenue. The new Walnut Street bridge will open to pedestrian traffic in 2 weeks, at which time the Chestnut Street bridge will close to pedestrian traffic.
For Downtown driving directions near the Arch click on the link for a map from MoDot.


Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is located in the heart of downtown St. Louis on the Mississippi River. Interstate Routes 44, 55, 64 and 70 converge near the park.

GPS coordinates for the Old Courthouse are N38°37.5201, W090°11.33214.

From Lambert International Airport (North)
Traveling east on I-70, take the Memorial Drive-Downtown Exit (250B). Travel through one stoplight (Pine St.), then turn left on Chestnut. Cross over the highway then turn left on Memorial Drive. Stay in the right lane and turn right on Washington Avenue. Traveling east, the garage is on the right. Note: If you're flying your own plane into St. Louis, we suggest landing at St. Louis Downtown Airport, located five minutes from the Jefferson Memorial.

From Illinois (East)
Traveling west on I-64, I-55/70 cross the Poplar Street Bridge. Take the Memorial Drive/Arch Riverfront/Convention Center Exit Only (right lane). Garage parking and the riverfront are accessible by traveling past the Arch and taking the first right onto Washington Avenue. Traveling east, the garage is on the right.

From South St. Louis
Traveling north on I-55 and I-44 (I-44 East merges with I-55 North) take the Downtown Exit (209A) and then take the Memorial Drive Exit (251C) which is the 2nd right-hand lane (the far right lane goes to Illinois). Garage parking and the riverfront are accessible by traveling past the Arch (right lane) and taking the first right (Washington Avenue). Traveling east, the garage is on the right.

From West St. Louis
The following directions will apply if you enter the highway east of I-170. Traveling east on I-64/40 take the Broadway Exit (last Missouri Exit-40B). At the stoplight at the end of the ramp turn left. Go through one stoplight then turn left onto Fourth Street at the second stoplight and travel north to Walnut. Turn right on Walnut and travel east to Memorial Drive. Turn left on Memorial Drive. The Arch garage is past the Arch (traveling north). Turn right on Washington Avenue. Traveling east, the garage is on the right.

The Jefferson Memorial is easily accessible from St. Louis' MetroLink Lightrail. Board at any station and exit at Laclede's Landing and follow the signs to the Memorial (a five minute walk). The trip from Lambert National Airport to Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is 28 minutes, with departures to and from Lambert every 15-20 minutes.

A bus drop-off area is available to better serve our visitors. It is located alongside the Old Cathedral parking lot, with access from Memorial Drive. Parking for buses and recreational vehicles is available in the privately-owned parking lots on the south end of the Arch grounds at 2nd and Poplar Streets. Leonore K. Sullivan Boulevard, on the east side of the Arch, can also be used as a bus drop-off area.

Paid parking is available in the Arch Parking Garage located on the north edge of the Arch grounds off of Washington Avenue. For those of you with a GPS unit N38°37.74882, W090°10.9527. Parking is $6 for the first 9 hours and 75 cents for each additional half hour. The garage has an Early Bird special of $4 for those entering the facility between the hours of 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Maximum vehicle height is seven (7) feet.

Bus, RV and oversize cab parking is available along Leonor K. Sullivan Drive from south of the Poplar Street Bridge to the flood wall. This is approximately 1/3 of a mile from the Gateway Arch. This parking area is outside of the park's jurisdiction like other city owned or commercial parking areas.

Please note that it is a considerable walk from all parking points to the Arch. The Old Courthouse is located adjacent to many public parking areas within one to two city blocks.

Security Note:
Due to security measures at the Gateway Arch, all visitors to the Arch must pass through a security checkpoint. No weapons--including knives--are allowed. If you have pre-purchased your tram ticket, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your tram time.

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