• Looking up at the Gateway Arch


    National Expansion Memorial Missouri

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  • Due to the Industrial Rope Access Project at the Gateway Arch

    Visitors may enter the Arch at the south leg only. Tram rides to the top are still available, the observation deck at the top will have restrictions. Usual walking paths may be closed; please look for signage or a Ranger for walking directions.


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Take a walk through the past with JEFF’s PastCast tours! Visualize St. Louis’ past and experience what happened on the historic grounds of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Established in 1764, and growing into a vital and booming outpost on the western edge of a new country, St. Louis was America’s Gateway to the West during the 19th Century. Many of the era’s most exciting events took place in the vicinity of where the Gateway Arch stands today.

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Did You Know?

Cartoon fiddle

Pierre Cruzatte and George Gibson brought their fiddles along on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Their music entertained the group on many evenings. Click here to learn more about Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. More...