Boy Scout Programs

All programs listed below are approximately 50 minutes in length and are available year-round. A three-week advanced reservation is required. A minimum of six scouts or maximum of 30 scouts is required to book a program. If you have less than six scouts, we will try to place you with a previously scheduled group. You can make reservations by calling 1-877-982-1410 ext. 0

Tiger Cubs

Cooperation on the Trail

See the Museum of Westward Expansion, under the Gateway Arch, in a whole new way.Scouts will experience some of the difficulties and challenges faced by early pioneers traveling by wagon across prairies, rivers, and mountains to reach a new home in the west. Scouts will make and take a pioneer toy.All activities take place at the Museum of Westward Expansion.

Wolf Cubs

Native American Lore: (Addresses Wolf Cub Scout Arrow Point, Elective 10). In this 50-minute, ranger-led program, scouts will explore the culture of the Plains Indians.Discover how the first Americans communicated using sign language and picture writing.All the on-site activities take place at the Gateway Arch.

Wolf/Bear Cubs

Native American Life: (Addresses Bear Cub Scout Elective 24 and Wolf Scout Elective 10a).Not all Native Americans lived in tipis.Scouts will explore the culture of the Illini and Osage Indians, of the woodland areas of the Midwest and compare it to the lifestyle of the Plains Indians.All the on-site activities take place at the Gateway Arch.

Did You Know?