The Museum Store

The Museum Store


The Jefferson National Parks Association, (JNPA) a not-for-profit organization, supports Museum Education Programs at the Old Courthouse and Museum of Westward Expansion. The Association operates stores offering a wide selection of books, videos, posters, and educational materials, go to

The Old Courthouse Shop features materials relating to St. Louis history. For more information call (voice) 314-655-1627 or (voice) 1-800-537-7962.

The Museum Store under the Gateway Arch offers a large selection of western history materials. For more information call (voice) 314-678-1530 or (voice) 1-800-537-7962.

The Levee Mercantile is an educational exhibit explaining the role of a mercantile in St. Louis during the 1870s. For more information call (voice) 314-678-1540.

Education discounts for schools are available by calling (voice) 314-678-1530 or
(voice) 1-800-537-7962.

Museum Stores and Levee Mercantile are located in the visitor center lobby and the Old Courthouse; all are run by the Jefferson National Parks Association.

The Levee Mercantile Store

The Levee Mercantile Store at the Gateway Arch

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