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  • Pedestrian Access to the Gateway Arch From Downtown

    Pedestrian traffic on the Chestnut, Market St. and Pine St. bridges are closed. This leaves Walnut St. as the only point of entry to the Arch grounds from the city. If you park in the Arch garage there is access from the north end of the park. See maps. More »

Sgt. Charles Floyd

Charles Floyd's face reconstructed from his skull.
P.S. Captains Lewis and Clark thought I was a pretty good soldier and made me a sergeant. I faithfully kept a journal as we traveled along the Missouri River in 1804. While we traveled up the Missouri, I suddenly got sick and died. People today say it was a burst appendix, and that there was nothing even doctors could have done to help me in those days. I was the only permanent member of the expedition who didn't get to see the Pacific Ocean. A posthumous land grant was later given to my brothers and sisters.

About St. Charles Floyd's Picture Above:
"Sgt. Charles Floyd's skull was recovered from the grave in 1895, photographed, and a cast was made. The cast and other forensic evidence was used by an expert (and descendant of Floyd's brother) named Sharon Long to construct this model of Floyd's face. This mannequin is on display at the Sgt. Floyd River Museum/Sioux City Public Museum in Sioux City, Iowa, near the Floyd gravesite."

Did You Know?

The Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial was a gathering place for pioneers going west. It was also the site of several important nineteeth century trials which helped fuel major changes to the American way of life. To learn more about the Old Courthouse click here. More...