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Enlisted Men of the Expedition

These profiles of members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition were written as though each individual was talking directly to you. The time would be May 13, 1804 at the expedition's camp on the Wood River in Illinois. The following day the Corps of Discovery embarked on their incredible journey. In each case there is a "P.S." which tells you what happened (if it is known what happened) to each of these people after the expedition was over.

Sgt. Charles Floyd Pvt. François Labiche*
Sgt. Patrick Gass* Pvt. Jean Baptiste Lepage*
Sgt. John Ordway* Pvt. Hugh McNeal*
Sgt. Nathaniel Hale Pryor* Pvt. John Newman
Cpl. Richard Warfington Pvt. John Potts*
Pvt. John Boley Pvt. Moses B. Reed
Pvt. William E. Bratton* Pvt. John Robertson
Pvt. John Collins* Pvt. George Shannon*
Pvt. John Colter* Pvt. John Shields*
Pvt. Pierre Cruzatte* Pvt. John B. Thompson*
Pvt. John Dame Pvt. Ebenezer Tuttle
Pvt. Joseph Field* Pvt. Peter M. Weiser*
Pvt. Reubin Field* Pvt. William Werner*
Pvt. Robert Frazer* Pvt. Isaac White
Pvt. George Gibson* Pvt. Joseph Whitehouse*
Pvt. Silas Goodrich* Pvt. Alexander Hamilton Willard*
Pvt. Hugh Hall* Pvt. Richard Windsor*
Pvt. Thomas Proctor Howard* * indicates those who made the round trip


Did You Know?

Black dog

Meriwether Lewis took his Newfoundland dog Seaman on the Lewis and Clark expedition? Seaman made the entire trip with the Corps and is credited with waking the members when a bison entered the camp and almost trampled them. Click here to learn more about Lewis and Clark. More...