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  • Pedestrian Access to the Gateway Arch From Downtown

    Pedestrian traffic on the Chestnut bridge will be closed as of today Monday, March 31, 2014. This will leave the Pine St. bridge as the Arch grounds point of entry to and from the city. The new Walnut St. bridge will open next Friday to foot traffic.

Book Collections

Grace Lewis Miller Book Collection

The Grace Lewis Miller Book Collection consists primarily of books on American history, concentrating on the Jeffersonian era on the American frontier. The collection contains approximately 250 books, most of which were published between 1930 and 1975. The books reflect the JNEM Library's main theme of American westward expansion, and also include materials on Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and other early American historical figures and events. For additional information regarding this collection, contact librarian Tom Dewey at (voice) 314-655-1600.

Mrs. Miller's extensive research/private papers are collected in the JNEM Archives. For further information regarding the Grace Lewis Miller Papers, please contact archivist Jennifer Clark at (voice) 314-655-1600.

Lewis and Clark Book Collection

The Lewis and Clark Book Collection contains a variety of books on the two explorers. Included in the collection are biographies, reprints of the journals, juvenile books, and various scholarly works. As with our main collection, the Lewis and Clark books do not circulate. For additional information contact librarian Tom Dewey at (voice) 314-655-1600.

Did You Know?

1843 letter

The Museum of Westward Expansion at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial contains over 150 quotes from diaries, journals, letters and speeches. The designers of the museum felt the actual words of nineteenth century pioneers were the most powerful way to tell their story. Click to learn more. More...