• Wendell Brunious and band perform at the Old U.S. Mint

    New Orleans Jazz

    National Historical Park Louisiana


To request an educational program for a school group at the visitor center, please call 504-589-4841 Tue-Sat. To download lesson plans for the park's 4 award winning CDs: Songs of the Mississippi River, Songs for Junior Rangers, Freedom is Coming, and Songs of the Lower Mississippi Delta, click on the links below.

Stories From Da Dirt
Freedom is Coming: Songs of Freedom, Resistance, and the Underground Railroad Lesson Plans
Bruce Barnes
Songs of the Mississippi River Lesson Plans
Cindy Samples
Dr. Nancy Dawson at Fort Donelson
Becoming a Story Teller Lesson Plans
Richard Johnson, assisted by Allison Baffoni
Johnette150 BY 150
Songs For Junior Rangers Lesson Plans
Johnette Downing

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