• Wendell Brunious and band perform at the Old U.S. Mint

    New Orleans Jazz

    National Historical Park Louisiana



Fred Kasten

Fred Kasten

WWNO radio producer Fred Kasten interviews legends of New Orleans jazz in his monthly Talkin' Jazz series held at Old U.S. Mint in partnership with the New Orleans Jazz NHP.

Baby Briscoe

Baby Briscoe

Photo Courtesy of Tulane University Hogan Jazz Archives

Click here for Dr. Sherrie Tuckers' research study, A Feminist Perspective on New Orleans Jazzwomen

Sippie Wallace

The Jazz Archivist

Tulane University Hogan Jazz Archives

Click here to access the online collection published by Tulane University's Hogan Jazz Archives entitled the Jazz Archivist.

Did You Know?


Jazz music was born in New Orleans at the turn of the twentieth century, a combination of many musical styles, including blues, gospel and ragtime. The originality of the art form came from its focus on improvisation.