• Structure 17, Glassblowing and Island Drive

    Historic Jamestowne

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

Public Transportation

Area Public Transportation
Various public and private transportation services are available throughout the area. AMTRAK has a station in Williamsburg, Greyhound has commercial bus service to the Williamsburg area, and rental cars and taxi service are available. There are three airports within one and one half hours drive of Historic Jamestowne: Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (45 minutes away), Norfolk International Airport (1.5 hours east of the park) and Richmond International Airport (1.5 hours west of the park).

Did You Know?

Atlantic Sturgeon scutes recovered at James Fort.

Sturgeons have five rows of bony plates, called scutes, covering the head and body. These scutes are often found in the excavation of James Fort; the abundance of scutes in the archeological record supports the historical record.