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    Historic Jamestowne

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

Educational Programs

The National Park Service at Historic Jamestowne offers several types of educational programs for student groups. Our onsite classroom programs are Virginia Indian Life and Jamestown, A Beginning. Guided tours include Mysteries of the Past and Walking Tours of the actual site of Jamestown. For informaton on how to make a reservation for one of these programs use the link on the right.


Suggested grades: K-3 Program Time: 45 minutes Maximum class size: 25 students per program

What are the three basic needs of every human being? How did the Native Americans meet these needs before the arrival of the English? With the aid of the pre-visit booklet, the daily life of the Virginia Indians will be introduced. Through on-site, hands-on activities students will inspect reproduction Native American artifacts such as arrowheads, a bow and arrow, quiver, food products, jewelry and animal hides. Ties to Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL): 1.1, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.12, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4



Suggested grades: 3-4 Program time: one hour (minimum time is 45 minutes) Maximum class size: 25 students per program.

What was life like for those early English settlers? Through the use of inquiry and hands-on materials, students will investigate reasons behind colonization and challenges the 17th century settlers faced. Prior to their visit, teachers will receive a video and Teachers Resource Guide which discusses the roles of the ranger, teachers and students during the park visit. The resource guide provides activities and supplemental information about Jamestown including pre-visit materials where students meet Sam Collier, a young boy who was part of the beginning adventure. Self-guided tour material allows teachers to walk their classes through the grounds of Jamestown where the early settlers walked, see where archeologists are still uncovering artifacts left behind by the settlers, and view artifacts in a special visitor gallery. Ties to Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL): VS.1, VS.2, VS.3, VS.4, USI.1, USI.2c, USI.3, USI.4, and USI.5a



Suggested grades: 3-6 Program time: 20 minutes Maximum class size: 75 students per program

This program introduces students to the historic site of Jamestown through historic archeology. Students will participate in activities to learn how mysteries of the past are solved by using historical documents and archeology at a historic site. Ties to Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL): VS.1, VS.2, VS.3, USI.1, USI.3, USI.4a, USI.4b, and USI.5a



Suggested grades: 5-college Program time: 35-45 minutes Maximum class size: 75 students per program

Learn about the experiences of the early English settlers as they attempted to establish Jamestown as the first permanent English settlement in America. During a walking tour of the Original Towne site of Jamestown, groups will see monuments to John Smith, Pocahontas and other early settlers; see the 17th century Church Tower and learn about the recent excavations of James Fort. Ties to Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL): VS.1, VS.2, VS.3, VS.4, USI.1, USI.2c, USI.3, USI.4a, USI.4b, USI.5a, USI.5c, and USI.5d

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