• Structure 17, Glassblowing and Island Drive

    Historic Jamestowne

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

Example Fee Waiver

(123) 456-7890

Fee Coordinator
Colonial National Historical Park
P.O. Box 210
Yorktown, Virginia 23690

Dear Fee Coordinator:

John Smith Middle School requests a waiver of the entrance fee to visit the (insert Historic Jamestowne or Yorktown Battlefield, which ever is appropriate) unit of Colonial National Historical Park.

Date of Visit: Tuesday, April 1, 1999
Purpose of Visit: State the academic reason for visiting Historic Jamestowne or Yorktown Battlefield. Reason must be specifically linked to curriculum requirements, (i.e. course title and learning objective number) in order to qualify for a fee waiver. Stating the visit is for educational purposes does not meet the requiements. Home school groups should state the specific subject for which the visit meets your learning objectives (i.e., history, social studies, etc.).
Students/adults 16 or older: 54
Grade level of students: 9th grade
Number of Buses: 1
School group leader: Andy White, Teacher
Principal Ann Brown, Principal
School address and phone #: John Smith Middle School
1234 Washington Street
Rochambeau, YZ 12345
(123) 456-7890
Tour Company: Wherever Tours
4321 wherever Avenue
Wherever, YZ 12345


Teacher name and Signature
(Must be signed to be valid.)

Did You Know?

Water color portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh made England’s first serious attempts to settle North America. He launched three expeditions; the third was John White’s Roanoke Island settlement, often called "the Lost Colony.