• Front Porch of the Garfield Home - site of 1880 presidential campaign

    James A Garfield

    National Historic Site Ohio

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  • Please observe changing seasonal hours

    Beginning May 1, the site will be open Tuesday - Saturday from 10am-5pm. The last tour of the Garfield home is at 4:15pm each day. These hours are through October.

The Campaign and Election of 1880

Take a break from the commercials, debates and polls surrounding the 2012 election to learn more about the campaign of 1880, when Republican James A. Garfield faced Democrat Winfield Scott Hancock. What were the issues? How did the candidate campaign? How did anyone know what a candidate believed in the days before Facebook, Twitter and 24-hour news channels? Learn all of this and more on Saturday, November 3 at 1p.m. in the Visitor Center Auditorium. Program is free of charge; fees apply to tours of the Garfield home.

Did You Know?

Lucretia Garfield. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-25793 DLC

Queen Victoria of England sent a wreath for the state funeral of Garfield. Afterwards, Mrs. James A. Garfield had the white rose wreath dipped in wax and framed. It is over 130 years old and can be viewed in the Memorial Vault.