• A mid-afternoon veiw down the expanse of Isle Royale National Park.  Photo taken from the Mount Ojibway Fire Tower.

    Isle Royale

    National Park Michigan

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  • Unmanned aircraft including hobbyists

    All waters and lands within the boundary of Isle Royale National Park have been closed to the use of unmanned aircraft including radio-controlled airplanes, hexacopters, and similar items. More »

RANGER III statistics

Ranger III in dry dock
Ranger III in dry dock
National Park Service


MISSION: Logistical Support of Isle Royale National Park

Length 165 feet
Beam 34 feet
Depth 15 feet 1 inch
Draft 10 feet 6.5 inches
Load Displacement 835 short tons
Crew 6 - freight, 9 passenger
Passenger Capacity 128
Cargo Capacities 100 tons dry
7,500 gallons of oil

650 cubic feet of
refrigerated and freezer

Main Engines 2 Caterpillar 3508 B;
850 BHP @ 1200 RPM
Propellers 2 Bird-Johnson Controllable
Pitch, 76" Diameter
Bow Thruster 250 HP/Hydraulic
36" diameter fixed pitch
Power Generators 2 Caterpillar 3304,
55 KW
Crane 3.1 Ton Hydraulic
30-foot boom

Did You Know?

A dark shinning rock outcrop glistens from the rain.

The last glacier receded from this area about 10,000 years ago. As the glaciers melted, they formed a huge lake which permanently separated Isle Royale from the mainland. Today, the coolness of the big lake (Lake Superior) creates a climate in which artic plant species grow.