Group Camping - Parties of Seven to Ten

Advance reservations are required for groups of seven to ten individuals, including leaders. If your party exceeds ten, you must split into two groups, each independent and traveling on completely separate itineraries. Groups shall only camp in group tent site locations. Organizations may not have more than twenty people camping on the island at any one time and are limited to eighty people per year.

For additional information on group camping, click here. To read the instructions on submitting a group camping reservation request, click here. To fill out a group camping reservation request form, click here. Groups shall only camp in group tent site locations.

Isle Royale starts receiving group camping requests in January, those submitted in January will be randomly selected and processed starting February 1. Those requests received on or after February 1 will be processed in the order that they arrive in.

Groups are required to follow a set itinerary based on campsites that have been reserved.

Groups shall only camp in group tent site locations.
A non-refundable processing fee of $25 is charged for each permit issued.
A user fee of $4.00 per person per day applies to all visitors 12 years of age and older.
Commercial groups must obtain a Commercial Use Authorization issues by Isle Royale National Park. Go to PARK MANAGEMENT and click on Doing Business in the Park.

For trip planning assistance, call (906) 482-0984 or e-mail us .

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