Boater Camping Request

Boater travels westerly on the Rock Harbor Channel

Boater travels westerly on the Rock Harbor Channel

Evening approaches as boaters return to dock

Click here for instructions for making a request for campsites, anchorages, or dock space. If you are using anchorage zones, please view the anchorage zone map by clicking here. To submit on-line boater camping permit request, click here. To make a boater camping request by phone during our business hours, call 906-482-0984.

Please note - for those that do not have a season pass, the on-line submission will require the requestor to called in a credit card payment to cover the park's user fee, $4.00 per person per day - call 906-482-0984, during business hours.

For additional information on boating Isle Royale National Park, please review the park's newspaper and boating information by clicking here.

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