• A mid-afternoon veiw down the expanse of Isle Royale National Park.  Photo taken from the Mount Ojibway Fire Tower.

    Isle Royale

    National Park Michigan

Isle Royale to Hold Public Information Meetings about Wolf Management



National Park Service

In November, Isle Royale National Park will hold a series of public meetings to discuss the status of wolf management on the island. During the meetings, the Natural Resources team will present information about the history of wolves on Isle Royale, climate change implications, and current and future status. The presentations will be followed by an opportunity for the public to discuss natural resources, ecology, climate change, and wildlife management as well as ask questions and provide comments to park staff. To read the official news release, which includes the location, date and times of each meeting, click here.

The following list includes introductory information for the meetings:
Using Climate Change Scenarios to Explore Management at Isle Royale National Park
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 5.84 MB

Policy Conundrums in the National Parks: Nature, Culture, and the Wolves of Isle Royale
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 14.15 MB
History of an Ancient and Remote Wilderness Archipelago
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 2.7MB
Island Biogeography at Play on Isle Royale
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 2.49 MB
Canada Lynx Restoration at Isle Royale National Park: A Feasibility Study
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 917 KB
Mammals on Isle Royale - Historical Context
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 2.82 MB
Policy Conundrums, Disparate Voices and the Wolves of Isle Royale
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 2.61 MB
Species Introductions/Population Dynamics
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - 2.2 MB

Did You Know?

Lake trout are harvested by net.

Park waters contain the most productive native fishery and genetically diverse lake trout populations in Lake Superior.