Franklin Court

Color photo showing white steel frame in the shape of a house, situated in a courtyard surrounded by foliage.

Look through the viewing portals in the "ghost structure" to see the foundations of Franklin's home.

NPS photo


Franklin Court was the site of the handsome brick home of Benjamin Franklin, who lived here while serving in the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention. Franklin died here in 1790; the house was torn down about 20 years later. Today the site contains a steel "ghost structure" outlining the spot where Franklin's house stood and features the Benjamin Franklin Museum, a new museum that explores Franklin's life and character through artifacts, animations, and hands-on interactives. The Franklin Court complex also includes a working reproduction of an 18th century printing office, an architectural/archeological exhibit, and an operating post office.

Franklin Court Printing Office
Benjamin Franklin...In his own words, Library of Congress website on Ben Franklin's legacy
The Silence Dogood Letters

Listen to Franklin's Glass Armonica!

Franklin Court photos


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