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Be A Junior Ranger

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Junior Ranger Booklet


Junior Ranger Program: Children visiting Independence National Historical Park can become a Junior Ranger by picking up a Junior Ranger Activity Book with activities for children ages five and up from the Independence Visitor Center (corner of 6th and Market Streets) or downloading it from this site.

Independence National Historical Park Jr. Ranger Jr. booklet

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site Jr. Ranger Ages 5-7 booklet

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site Jr. Ranger Ages 8-12 booklet

Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial Jr. Ranger booklet
Deshler-Morris House (Germantown White House) booklet
World Heritage Site in the United States Junior Ranger website

Participants who attend at least one ranger program and complete five activities will earn a Junior Ranger badge. Activities are related to locations throughout the park and include word scrambles, dot-to-dot, bingo, matching and more... as well as activities to do at home.

It takes a lot to preserve and protect America's natural and historic treasures. We need your help to keep our parks safe and beautiful. Become a National Park Service Web Ranger and see just how much fun learning can be!

Did You Know?

Drawing of Continental Navy Jack flag

The Continental Navy Jack, designed for Commodore Esek Hopkins during the American Revolution, is still in use today. The Secretary of the Navy reauthorized its use on all Navy ships in 2002. The flag is 13 alternating red and white stripes with “Don’t Tread On Me” snake.