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Lincoln Inauguration Artifacts: Follow along the course of Abraham Lincoln's first and second Presidential Inaugurations through artifacts from the Ford's Theatre National Historic Site Museum Collection.


The Election of 1860.Tensions often run high as Americans prepare to cast their vote for president of the United States. But perhaps no election carried more weight for the United States than the election of 1860. For a nation standing at the brink of civil war, a nation where four million lived in bondage, a nation whose entire economic system lay threatened by its outcome, the election of 1860 poised the United States at the edge of an uncertain precipice from which the great American experiment would either soar or plunge to its untimely demise.


The Election of 1864 would be pivotal to the outcome of the war and the state of freedom in America. Would the nation choose to reelect the man who had carried them through these years of war or cast their vote with someone new?

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