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Lincoln Inauguration Artifacts

Follow along the course of Abraham Lincoln's first and second Presidential Inaugurations through the artifacts from the Ford's Theatre National Historic Site museum collection.

Campaign Flag, FOTH 3048
Campaign Flag, 1860
Catalog Number: FOTH 3048
Materials: Linen
This campaign flag was used during the presidential election of 1860, in which Abraham Lincoln ran for office with Hannibal Hamlin as his Vice President.  A bust portrait of Lincoln appears in a field of blue at the upper right, surrounded by thirteen white stars.  Above Lincoln’s bust is printed: "wideawake".  “Llincoln & Hamlin" is printed in large black letters across the body of the flag. 
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Campaign Pin, FOTH 3262
Campaign Pin, 1860
Catalog Number : FOTH 3262
Material: Bronze
A campaign pin, in the shape of a small bronze axe was used as insignia for the Railsplitter party in the Presidential election of 1860.  Lincoln was dubbed “The Railsplitter” by the Republican Party, a name that recalled his youth.  Printed in raised letters on blade: "the rail Splitter", and in raised letters on handle: "Honest Abe".  A small ring is attached to back of the handle.
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Print, FOTH 5465
Print, 1861
Catalog Number: FOTH 5465
Material: Paper
A print from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 3/16/1861.  This print of the first inauguration of Abraham Lincoln is from a photograph by George Stacy.  Lincoln stands under the wooden canopy.
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Banner, FOTH 3377
Banner, 1861
Catalog Number: FOTH 3377
Material: Silk
This decorative copy of first inaugural address is printed on white satin with black lettering.  It is one of few copies printed by J.E. Allen of Springfield on the day following the delivery of the address and immediately after the telegraphed report of it was received.  This banner was presented to Osborn Oldroyd for inclusion in his museum collection by Joseph B. Forselman, July 1887.
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Print, FOTH 5809
Print, 1861
Catalog Number: FOTH 5809
Material: Paper
Drawing from a newspaper of the Inauguration of Lincoln. The US Capitol is still undergoing construction and will not be finished until after Lincoln’s second Inauguration in 1865.
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Inauguration Ball Program, FOTH 3380
Inaugural Ball Program, 1861
Catalog Number: FOTH 3380
Material: Paper
This program is from Lincoln’s Inaugural Ball of 1861.  Printing reads: "Union Ball in honor of the Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, Washington, D.C., March 4, 1861".  The back cover depicts an eagle atop a scroll labeled "Constitution". 
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Invitation, FOTH 5341
Second Inaugural Ball Invitation, 1865
Catalog Number: FOTH 5341
Material: Paper
Invitation to the National Inaugural Ball on March 4, 1865. Pictures of Lincoln and Vice President Andrew Johnson adorn the top of the page, a list of managers follows.  The invitation was issued to "Miss Sallie Humphreys".
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Photograph, FOTH 4126
Photo of Washington Scene, 1865
Catalog Number: FOTH 4126
Material: Paper
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. - 1865. Picture of a parade - possibly President Lincoln's Second Inaugural festivities.
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Photograph, FOTH 826
Photograph, 1865
Catalog Number: FOTH 826
Material: paper
Carte-de-visite of the U.S. Capitol on Inauguration Day, 1865.  The capitol was still under construction during Lincoln’s second Inauguration as well. 
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Print, FOTH 3452
Print, 1865
Catalog Number: FOTH 3452
Material: Paper
Newspaper clipping.  Engraving showing scene at U.S. Capitol – crowds watching Inauguration ceremonies - March 4, 1865. Newsprint paper.
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Certificate, FOTH 5843
Certificate, 1868
Catalog Number: FOTH 5843
Material: Paper
Certificate regarding proof in Ward H. Lamon's possession that J.W. Westfall seized Booth and prevented him from cracking the Inaugural Platform at Lincoln’s second Inauguration.  Written in brown ink on lined paper from the National Hotel, F. Tenney and Co.
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Affadavit, FOTH 5831
Affidavit of JW Westfall
Catalog Number: FOTH 5831
Material: paper
“Affidavit of J.W. Westfall of N.Y. on the matter of the attempted assassination of President Lincoln on the day of the Second Inauguration. Lamon's history.”
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