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Bess Truman
A Lady First, then a First Lady.

The Noland Home
The Noland Home, where Harry Truman's aunt, uncle, and cousins lived.

Truman Family Farm
The Grandview farm where Harry Truman lived and worked between 1906 and 1917.

The Wallaces
The two bungalows located to the east of the Truman home where Bess Truman's brothers once lived.

Harry Truman and Civil Rights
President Truman's views on discrimination and his civil rights policies.

Harry Truman and the Secret Service
A look at the Secret Service and their dealings with President Truman.

Harry Truman and the 48-Star Flag
Learn the history of the American flag as it appeared during Truman's presidency.

Fences and Fame: The Truman Home Fence
Learn about the circumstances under which the Trumans had to fence in their yard.

Harry Truman's Christmas Traditions
Learn how the Trumans celebrated the holidays.

Vietta Garr
Learn about the contributions of the Truman's longtime cook and family companion.


Did You Know?

Members of the 5th Division during World War I. Credit: Truman Library

While Harry Truman fought in France, the influenza epidemic of 1918 caused perhaps ten times as many American deaths in two or three months as did WWI itself. Soldiers, defending their country in Europe, were frustrated, knowing loved ones were dying at home of illness.