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Truman Bedroom

Truman Bedroom

HABS Photo, J. Boucher

Truman Home Second Floor Photos
Photographs of the second floor rooms are now available. The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) photographed the interior of the Truman Home in 1983, documenting how it looked just after Bess Truman's death.
Truman Farm

Truman Farm

NPS Photo

The Truman Farm Home in Grandview, Missouri was added to the Harry S Truman National Historic Site on May 8, 1994. The home is currently closed, but the grounds are open year-round. Visit theTruman Farm Home Photo Tour page to explore the site online.
Truman sports shirt

Truman's Sport Shirt

NPS Photo

Harry S Truman NHS preserves over 50,000 artifacts related to the Truman family. Visit our Online Exhibits to see a selection of objects from the collection.

Did You Know?

Tankers guard convoy routes during Korean War. Credit: Truman Library

Truman’s low approval rating near the end of his term reflected the public’s dissatisfaction with three main things: The Korean war, charges of communism in government, and charges of corruption in the administration.