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Our Staff & Offices

Larry Villalva - Superintendent

Norton Canfield - Park Guide

Carol Dage - Supervisory Curator, Asst. Regional Curator

Jenny Hayes - Secretary

Darla Hostetler - Museum Technician

Mark Jamieson - Maintenance/Pest Control Worker

Barbara Quinn - Eastern National

James McGill - Park Guide

Lewis McKarnin - Woodcrafter

Diana Sargent - Administrative Technician/IT

Kristen Stalling - Museum Curator (HSTR/IMPF)

David Suvak - Park Guide

Matt Turner - Park Guide

Jeff Wade - Park Ranger

Did You Know?

Harry Truman and Bess Wallace in car. Credit: Truman Library

During their courtship, Harry wrote to Bess, “I’m horribly anxious for you to suffer from an excessively good opinion of me!” This desire to please her continued throughout his life and played a large part in determining his behavior as president.