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Carol Dage - Supervisory Curator, Asst. Regional Curator

Jenny Hayes - Secretary

Darla Hostetler - Museum Technician

Mark Jamieson - Maintenance/Pest Control Worker

Barbara Quinn - Eastern National

James McGill - Park Guide

Lewis McKarnin - Woodcrafter

Diana Sargent - Administrative Technician/IT

Kristen Stalling - Museum Curator (HSTR/IMPF)

David Suvak - Park Guide

Matt Turner - Park Guide

Jeff Wade - Park Ranger

Did You Know?

Harry Truman and friends in his haberdashery store, ca. 1920. Credit: Truman Library.

Harry Truman owned and operated a haberdashery (men’s clothing store) in Kansas City from 1919 until 1922. Although the store did very well the first year, a depression later drove them out of business.