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General Management Plan

The National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978 requires that the National Park Service maintain up-to-date management plans for each unit of the national park system. The General Management Plan for Harry S Truman National Historic Site provides broad management direction for resource management, visitor use, and development 15-20 years into the future. The initial General Management Plan was completed in 1987 and was revised in 1999.

Cover/Table of Contents (2.2MB)
Part I - General Information (6MB)
Part II - Graphics (3.2MB)
Part III - The Future (4.6MB)
Part IV - Preparers and Consultants (1.4MB)

Part V - Appendices
Appendix A - Finding of No Significant Impact (3.4MB)
Appendix B - Legislation (3.1MB)
Appendix C-F - Cost Estimates, Actions Considered But Not Included in Plan, Recommended Plans, Threatened & Endangered Species Documentation (2.6MB)
Appendix G - Description of Resources (6.2)
Appendix H - Visitor Use Data (4.5MB)
Appendix I - Bibliography (416KB)

Did You Know?

A lone horse and rider on the Truman farm in Grandview, Missouri. Credit: Truman Library

Harry Truman was a progressive farmer. He was attempting to stop erosion through contour plowing at least fifteen years before the first soil erosion laboratory in America was established in Missouri in 1929.