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    The Truman Home and Visitor Center will be closed on Wed. July 16 and Mon, July 21. Please check back for updates.

Environmental Factors

The principle strength and appeal of Harry S Truman National Historic Site is that nearly every aspect of the truman properties, inside and out, has changed very little throughout the years. The visitor is left with the distinct feeling that the Trumans have just stepped out. Thus, preservation of this historic scene is a fundamental mandate for park management. Preservation of the historic landscape, however, is at times a difficult task. It is impossible for natural elements to be "frozen in time." A Cultural Landscape Report has been created and remains a vital preservation tool.

The Truman property, with its somewhat dense and overgrown shrubbery, accurately reflects the Trumans' desire for privacy as well as their Midwestern thrift and taste. It is far from a well-manicured showplace. The landscaping is little different from that of other yards in the neighborhood.


Did You Know?

Truman and friends on a ride in his car. Credit: Truman Library

Harry Truman’s first car was a used 1911 Stafford he bought in 1914. Terry Stafford of Topeka made only about three hundred of the cars. Truman paid $600 for his. New, the cars sold for $2,350.