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Environmental Factors

The principle strength and appeal of Harry S Truman National Historic Site is that nearly every aspect of the Truman properties, inside and out, has changed very little throughout the years. The visitor is left with the distinct feeling that the Trumans have just stepped out. Thus, preservation of this historic scene is a fundamental mandate for park management. Preservation of the historic landscape, however, is at times a difficult task. It is impossible for natural elements to be "frozen in time." A Cultural Landscape Report has been created and remains a vital preservation tool.

The Truman property, with its somewhat dense and overgrown shrubbery, accurately reflects the Trumans' desire for privacy as well as their Midwestern thrift and taste. It is far from a well-manicured showplace. The landscaping is little different from that of other yards in the neighborhood.

Truman yard
The Truman landscape offers a variety of planting representative of the region and family tastes.
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Did You Know?

The president strategizing with Frank McKinney, chariman of the Democratic National Committee. Credit: Truman Library

The submarine base at Key West—known as the Little White House—was protected by the Nary, and had room for 20 or 30 reporters, a staff of sixteen, and another fifteen or sixteen Secret Service men. The quarters were modest, but it was the ideal vacation home for President Truman.