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Truman Home Contractors and Decorators

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Anderson, C.E.
Interviewed June 20, 1983

Charles E. Anderson, a building contractor from Independence, Missouri, performed remodeling services at 219 N. Delaware Street beginning in 1953 when the Trumans returned from the White House.

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tiny truman home

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Lockyer, Albert
Interviewed August 21, 1989

Albert Lockyer worked in the Truman home on several occasions performing remodeling tasks to prepare the home for the Truman's return from Washington, D.C. Lockyer describes the Trumans' attitude towards the workers and the various changes made in the attic in 1954 and 1955.

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Reynolds, Dwain W.
Interviewed December 13, 1985

Dwain Reynolds repaired the Truman home first as a child with his father and then later as an adult. Reynolds discusses minor changes to the home over the years, including the roof materials, interior door locks, and windows.

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Saulter 281

Thomas Saulter

Saulter, Thomas
Interviewed December 12, 1985

Thomas B. Saulter owned T.B. Saulter Tree Service and was hired by the Trumans to remove over ten trees after their return to Independence in the 1950s. Saulter also painted stumps, sprayed for weeds, and cleaned the gutter. Saulter discusses his first meetings with Harry S Truman, judge, in downtown Kansas City during the 1930s.

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