Oral Histories: Z

benedict zobrist

Dr. Benedict Zobrist

Zobrist, Dr. Benedict K.
Interviewed August 30, 1990

Dr. Benedict Zobrist was director of the Harry S. Truman Library from 1971-1994. Zobrist worked to develop the library as a research institution. At the request of Margaret Truman Daniel, he directed his staff to complete an inventory of the Truman home in 1981-1982, then oversaw the transfer of the home from the National Archives to the National Park Service after Bess Truman's death in October 1982.

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tiny truman home

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Zumault, Viola
Interviewed March 14, 1996

Viola Zumault became friends with Mary Jane Truman after joining the Order of the Eastern Star. Zumault gives a detailed description of the society and also discusses letters she received from Mary Jane Truman.

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