Family Members - Truman

Clifton Truman Daniel

Clifton Truman Daniel

Daniel, Clifton Truman
Interviewed July 7, 1994

Clifton Truman Daniel, eldest grandson of Harry S Truman and Bess W. Truman discusses holiday and summer visits with his grandparents in Independence, Missouri.

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Martha Ann Swoyer

Swoyer, Martha Ann
Interviewed July 9, 1991 and November 29, 1995

Martha Ann Swoyer, daughter of J. Vivian and Luella Truman and niece of Harry S Truman, was raised on the family farm in Grandview, Missouri. Swoyer discusses the many relationships within the Truman family spanning four generations.

Interview 7-9-1991 (pdf - 241KB)
Interview 11-29-1995 Not Transcribed

tiny truman home

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Truman, Fred L.
Interviewed June 18, 1991

Fred L. Truman, son of J. Vivian and Luella Truman and nephew of Harry S Truman, discusses the Truman family and life on the Truman farm in Grandview, where he spent many years. Truman relates the importance of Harry S Truman as a member of the larger Truman family rather than as a national political figure.

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tiny truman home

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Truman, Gilbert and Harry A.
Interviewed July 29, 1991

Gilbert and Harry A. Truman were the sons of John Vivian Truman, the President's brother. They discuss life on and around the two Truman farms in Grandview, Missouri. Harry A. lived in the Truman Farm Home from 1946 to 1955 and talks about the modifications made to the house to make it "modern."

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Mary Higbee Truman

Truman, Mary H.
Interviewed July 29, 1991

Mary Higbee Truman met Harry S Truman when he was Jackson County judge, and she later married his nephew, John C. Truman. Truman shared stories about family activities such as Sunday dinners in Grandview at the Truman farm, inaugurations, vacations at the White House, and VIP tours of the capitol.

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