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Ted Marks

Harry Truman and Ted Marks in uniform, 1919.
From left to right: Captain Ted Marks, Lieutenant Walter Slagle and Captain Harry S Truman in front of the Wallace home at 219 N. Delaware in Independence, Missouri. May 1919.
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum
Wallace-Truman wedding party, June 28, 1919.
Wallace-Truman wedding party in the yard of the Wallace (Truman) home in Independence, Missouri. Left to right: Helen Wallace, cousin of the bride; Harry S Truman; Bess Wallace Truman; Louise Wells, cousin of the bride. Back row: Ted Marks, friend of the groom; Frank Wallace, brother of the bride.
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum

Did You Know?

A lone horse and rider on the Truman farm in Grandview, Missouri. Credit: Truman Library

Harry Truman was a progressive farmer. He was attempting to stop erosion through contour plowing at least fifteen years before the first soil erosion laboratory in America was established in Missouri in 1929.