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Sport Shirt - HSTR 17411

HSTR 17411, Royal Palm Sportswear


White stylized swans on gray ground, border print, convertible collar, mother of pearl buttons.
Royal Palm Sportswear, Miami

Measurement: L 82.8, W 44.7 CM

The convertible collar has an extra button up under the right side and a loop on the left. The collar could be worn buttoned all the way up to the neck or with the loop left unbuttoned and collar spread out.

Truman with staff in Key West, November 1948.
Matthew Connelly, Truman's appointments secretary, and Charlie Ross, press secretary, with Truman in Key West, November 1948. This was one of Truman's favorite shirts as he is photographed wearing it during several subsequent trips.

Did You Know?

Members of the 5th Division during World War I. Credit: Truman Library

While Harry Truman fought in France, the influenza epidemic of 1918 caused perhaps ten times as many American deaths in two or three months as did WWI itself. Soldiers, defending their country in Europe, were frustrated, knowing loved ones were dying at home of illness.