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Bess Truman: A Lady First, Then a First Lady

Bess Wallace

Bess Wallace Truman

Truman Library

First Lady Bess Truman grew up in an affluent family, was a gregarious tomboy as a child and grew to be an extremely private politician's wife. To those who knew her, she was generous, loyal and always exuded the qualities of a true lady. This online exhibit explores the life of Elizabeth Virginia Wallace Truman from her childhood through her role as first lady.

Courtship & Marriage
Life in the Spotlight


Did You Know?

View of the Mitsubishi Torpedo Plant in Nagasaki,following the atomic bomb explosion. Credit: Truman Library.

The United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in early August 1945. After the second bomb was dropped, President Truman stopped the bombing program even though Japan had not yet surrendered.