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Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) Grant Program

FY 2009 Historically Black Colleges & Universities grant applications were due June 3, 2009. An announcement of awards will be made in Fall 2009.
The announcement below contains all information required for applications.

In order to comply with requirements stipulated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the National Park Service has extended the deadline for grant applications. All applications who previously submitted applications must resubmit using the guidelines and forms posted here. Full instructions can be found here: Application Instructions.

All packages entering the NPS facility are subject to inspection and/or x-ray. Proposal packages may be delivered by hand to the address shown below. All proposals will be required to be submitted in hard copy to Linda Hall as provided in this announcement. The required attached forms are available below or online through

The forms below are for information only, they will be revised before the FY 2010 announcement of available funding.

In addition to the Proposal requirements detailed in the Project Announcement, all proposals shall include the following documents in the order listed.


Project Announcement

DI 2010

SF 424

SF 424C

SF 424D


Please submit ONE original proposal and THREE copies including attachments to the following address:

Linda Hall
National Park Service-Southeast Region
Atlanta Federal Center – 1924 Bldg.
100 Alabama Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Phone number: 404-507-5779
Email: Linda_Hall"at"

Awards will be announced following the selection and approval by the Secretary of the Interior.Click here for the notification letter.

Did You Know?
Did you know that Dorchester Academy Boys’ Dormitory is listed as one of the 11 most endangered historic places of 2009 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation?

History in the Halls: Discover a never-ending quest for knowledge at Georgia’s Dorchester Academy.  Thousands learned and lived here, from African-American youth in the 1890s to rights activists in the 1960s.

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