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    Hot Springs

    National Park Arkansas

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  • RFP for Maurice and Libbey Bathhouses

    Requests for Proposals for the Maurice and Libbey Bathhouses are being accepted from 7/7/14 to 1/30/15. Click on the "Management" link in the left column for more information.

  • Elevator closure

    Hot Springs National Park regrets to announce that the elevator in the Fordyce Visitor Center is closed for maintenance. The upper and lower levels are accessible only by stairways. The elevator will be placed back into service in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Hot Springs National Park In-Depth

This is a series of videos about some of the features in the park. The "stars" are park rangers and other subject specialists. You can enjoy watching them here, download them to bring with you when you visit the park, and you can read more information about each topic.

Hot Springs National Park gratefully acknowledges students of the Fountain Lake High School EAST Lab for creating these.

Superintendent Josie Fernandez

Josie Fernandez

Cobra EAST Lab

Park Superintendent Josie Fernandez
Josie welcomes all visitors to Hot Springs National Park.

Park Ranger Mark Blaeuer

Mark Blaeuer

Cobra EAST Lab

Park Ranger Mark Blaeuer (retired)
Mark details a variety of subjects, including the architecture of historic Bathhouse Row, methods of electro-mechanotherapy, hydrotherapy, the Oertel Trail System, and the Grand Promenade.

Steve Rudd

Steve Rudd

Cobra EAST Lab

Natural Resources Manager Director Steve Rudd
Steve discusses the geology of the hot springs: what makes the water hot, the hot springs recharge area, and tufa.

Portrait of ranger in uniform: Brown haired white male with a mustache

Jeff Heitzman

NPS Photo

Park Ranger Jeff Heitzman
Jeff portrays a patron in the Fordyce Bathhouse Gymnasium and demonstrates how to exercise with some of the popular equipment of 1915.

Portrait of ranger in uniform: white male with light brown facial hair and very short light brown hair, solemn look

Joe Herron

NPS Photo

Park Ranger Joe Herron
Joe tells about the remarkable stained glass of the Fordyce Bathhouse. He also visits the picturesque Pagoda on Hot Springs Mountain.

Cutie Plumber Jason Bosley

Jason Bosley

Cobra EAST Lab

Hot Water System Specialist Jason Bosley
Jason explains how the hot spring water is collected for distribution to bathhouses and for other uses.

Did You Know?

Gulpha Creek in fall, below campground amphitheater, with bridge over Gorge Road in right background

The name Gulpha Creek is a corruption of the French name for the stream. Explorer William Dunbar reports the name "Fourche á Calfat" in the journal of his visit in 1804. Calfat eventually became Gulpha.