• water flowing over rocks into basin

    Hot Springs

    National Park Arkansas

Hot Springs / Geothermal Areas

view of cascade basin from above; park ranger gives talk about water while visitors sit on edge concrete basin

Hot spring water cascade pool at Arlington Lawn, north end of Bathhouse Row

NPS photo by Gail Sears

The hot springs in Hot Springs National Park emerge along a fault on the western side of Hot Springs Mountain which is in the downtown area of the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

For more information about the hot springs go to In Hot Water and Drinking the Water.

We also recommend Eastern National publication Hot Springs National Park Geologic Excursion Tour Guide. By using the centerfold map, you can take a self-guiding tour to four areas that highlight the geologic processes in the park: Gulpha Gorge, Hot Springs Mountain, the hot springs discharge area downtown, and West Mountain. It retails for $3.25. For purchase information, call the store manager at 501-620-6740.

Did You Know?

black and white photo of bronze eagle on top of limestone

In 1892 U.S. Army Lt. Robert R. Stevens hired the noted Boston firm of Frederick Law Olmsted to create landscaping plans for Hot Springs Reservation, now Hot Springs National Park. Stevens rejected the firm’s plans in 1893, but some features were adopted and still survive today.