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  • RFP for Maurice and Libbey Bathhouses

    Requests for Proposals for the Maurice and Libbey Bathhouses are being accepted from 7/7/14 to 1/30/15. Click on the "Management" link in the left column for more information.

  • Elevator closure

    Hot Springs National Park regrets to announce that the elevator in the Fordyce Visitor Center is closed for maintenance. The upper and lower levels are accessible only by stairways. The elevator will be placed back into service in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Traveling Trunks

Hide-covered trunk with beaver fur laying over it and some early 1800s period items laying on table

Hide-covered trunk with some of the items that go inside of it.

Dunbar-Hunter Expedition Traveling Trunk

Hot Springs National Park has created two trunks containing reproductions of items taken on expeditions such as the 1804-05 Dunbar-Hunter Expedition, along with furs of a few animals that were being trapped here at that time. The Dunbar-Hunter Expedition was commissioned by President Jefferson as the first scientific expedition to the "hot springs on the Washita," the area that became Hot Springs National Park. The trunk also includes a lesson plan created by Ms. Sherry Tipps, Arkansas history teacher at Carl Stuart Middle School in Conway, Arkansas. We hope that these items will bring to life a significant but frequently overlooked expedition, while showing students how Arkansas and the hot springs relate to the Louisiana Purchase.

Teachers wanting to use a trunk need to make a reservation with Jeff Heitzman, Hot Springs National Park, 501-620-6746, or by e-mail at e-mail us. Trunks will be picked up and returned to the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center in the Lamar Bathhouse, 515 Central Ave.

We would like to thank Weyerhaeuser Corporation Foundation for partnering with us to fund the traveling trunks.

Did You Know?

Pres. Roosevelt is in an open touring car on Fountain St. in front of the Arlington Hotel. A crowd surrounds the car.

On June 10, 1936, President and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Hot Springs National Park and toured the Fordyce Bathhouse as part of the Arkansas centennial celebration. FDR used the baths at Warm Springs, Georgia, on a regular basis to relieve his polio. He never bathed in Hot Springs.